• Do you offer a car service for the road test?

    Yes, Class 5/7 Automatic and Class 4 (Restricted), Car for the road test, and warm-up lesson, 2-3 hours total. Includes pick-up & drop off of students. 60 minutes of practice time, and then for the road test.

  • How do I pay for my driving lesson?

    You can pay our instructor cash in person or send by Interac e-transfer (anubhav3434@gmail.com) Or Visa, Master Card, and debit card.

  • What driving skills will I learn through your programs?

    Top Gear Driving School Ltd is dedicated to offering a new way to learn how to drive in BC – tailored entirely to you! if you are looking to learn from some of the most highly skilled driving instructors in BC and benefit from their experience directly, then Top Gear Driving School Ltd is for you. All of our instructors teach in a friendly, supportive, encouraging style and are experts in designing a bespoke learning experience to suit how you will benefit most from your hours behind the wheel.

    • Proper training skill.
    • Control on Speed.
    • One to one tuition with your instructor.
    • Affirm defensive driving
    • Safe lane changes.
    • Interchange right and left turns.
    • Control speed
    • Reverse parking.
    • Parallel parking.
    • Highway Enter and Exit.

  • Can I drive alone with my letter "L"?

    No, You cannot.
    As a learner, you must be guide by a curator of the age of 25 or older with a class five BC. driver license or with a professional driving school instructor.

  • How Do I cancel my driving lesson?

    To cancel the lesson or reschedule, please give us a notice within 48 hours, otherwise short notice will be subject to $30.

  • How Do I Book Road Test?

    Please contact Top Gear Driving School.

  • Can I rent a car for my road test?

    Yes, we do provide car for the road test. Class 5/7 Automatic and Class 4 Restricted, Car for the road test, and warm-up, Pick-up and drop off. 2-3 hours in total. We will meet you at your desired location. Pick-up and drop-off included Must take a prior lesson before being able to book Top Gear Driving School LTD. Car for the road test.

  • How long do you have to wait to retake a driving test, if you fail a road test?

    The waiting period of Retest.
    Failed attempt. Class 5-8 Road Test
    1st - 14 days
    2nd - 30 days
    3rd – 60 days

  • How long do you have to wait to retake a knowledge test, if you fail a knowledge test?

    The Waiting periods Retest.
    Failed attempt. Knowledge test
    1st - 7 days
    2nd - 7 days
    3rd - 7 days