About Us

Anubhav Beri (Owner)

The Trainer used to work for ICBC as an Examiner.

Top Gear Driving School Ltd is a driving school that has been created to deliver First Class Driver Training that differentiates itself from other schools. Our driving instructor will ensure you pass your test as quickly as possible but without shortcuts through your training programme. Our target is to deliver Safe Driving for Life!
When you join Top Gear Driving School for your driving lessons you are welcomed as part of the family.
As the leading driving school in Metro Vancouver BC, Top Gear Driving School offers fully personalized lessons tailored to your goals, whether you want to pass your exam quickly or take your time getting used to being behind the wheel. All of our lessons follow the Drivers Standards Agency guidelines and offer the highest standards of safety, allowing you to relax knowing that our experienced instructors can handle any situation.
At Top Gear Driving School Ltd, our instructors will take your previous knowledge and goals into account, making our programme perfect for both experienced and novice drivers alike and letting you progress at the pace that works for you. Whether you want to slowly build confidence or quickly pass your test, you can’t go wrong with Top Gear Driving School Ltd!

Environment Friendly

2016 Prius Hybrid with dual pedal controls

You can rest assured that you are learning from the best when you join us.
  • Registered driving instructors.
  • Onroad practice.
  • One to one tuition with your instructor.
  • Specialist in providing intensive driving course with Road Test Preparation.
  • Get your driving license faster.
  • Pick up and drop facility.
  • Quality service at reasonable rates.
learning drive is easy with us

Top Gear Driving School Ltd.

Our mission is to make an excellent driver who not only passes the road test but also has the ability to drive safely without any collisions for your whole driving period.
If you have been looking for an excellent driving school in British Columbia to get the driving lessons, Top Gear Driving School Ltd is just the right place for you. You can learn to drive at a very affordable rate by professional instructor available at Top Gear Driving School Ltd in BC, Canada.
One of the many things that make Top Gear Driving School Ltd stand out from the crowd is the fact that we are a customer-driven driving school. Our school provides specialized driving lessons and hands-on training. We consider each of our students to be unique, so our instructor evaluate the abilities and requirements of every student individually and then adapt their teaching style according to your learning pattern.
We have adopted an excellent balance of technology, patience, and personal attention to cater to students of every age and teach them driving in the best way possible.
To anyone facing difficulty in handling intense traffic situations at our busy roads, Top Gear Driving School Ltd is here to help you to learn to drive safely and efficiently by managing such circumstances.
  • General Driving
  • Shoulder/360 Deg.check
  • Hazard Perception
  • Defensive Driving
  • Speed Control
  • Safe Lane Change
  • Intersection Right and Left Turns
  • School, Playground, Construction Zones Multiple Lane Intersection
  • 2 & 3 Point Turn
  • Parallel Parking
  • Uphill and Downhill Parking
  • Reverse Stall Parking
  • Entering and Exiting On The Highway

Top Gear Driving School Services:

  • CLASS 7
  • CLASS 5
  • CLASS 4 (Restricted)